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Dallas Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates Dallas TX provides innovative and refreshing ideas for your automatic gate needs. Upgrade your home’s value with prestigious self-driving and automatic gates. Experience the wide selection of gate designs offered by our company at competitive prices.

Get one to highlight your existing iron or wooden fence or enhance your stone wall’s appearance. Keep your home safe and secure with a professional installation in the Dallas area. The decision-making process can be tough, especially without information on the best designs that are both secure and aesthetically pleasing. Our Dallas team will provide you with the necessary support to match your home environment or business with the right gate.

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Which Driveway Gate is Best for Me?

Types of Driveway Gates

Iron | Wooden | Metal | Custom

Automatic gates in Dallas Texas can be yours for an affordable price. We specialize in iron, wooden and metal gates…or perhaps you need a completely custom design, we can help with that too.  Our gates are powered by electrical and solar gate operators and we can certainly recommend the best for your situation. The main driving force for automatic gates are the quality of materials, functional design, and overall incorporation into your landscape. Be sure that whichever gate you choose, you end up driving your property value higher. 


Iron Automatic Gates


Wooden Automatic Gates


Metal Automatic Gates


Custom Automatic Gates

Iron Gates 

Wrought iron make up some of the most fashionable, stylish, and elegant driveways gates on the market. Wrought Iron is preferable due to its longevity. Most of the time, they feel like a home extension or a fence extension. 

It requires special attention, especially with the topcoat, to prevent rusting and maintain its ethereal appearance. The gate is sturdy, making it a popular choice amongst clients. Apart from ease of maintenance, come up with a design of your own and develop a theme that suits your architectural, modern, contemporary, or even a traditional western gate. 

Iron is the only type of gate you will find with a color variation that is not limiting. However, many clients seem to desire subtle colors when powder coating form maintenance. The only catch with this material is continuous maintenance every two to three years as the powder coat is prone to peeling following the weather. 

Wooden Gates 

Wooden automatic gates make some of the modern designed Dallas automatic gates. Since wood has many more designs than iron and is easier to curve, it has become a popular choice. Wood is a versatile material that varies in texture, color, and shape. 

Pick wooden gates made of hardwood or softwood materials, depending on your preferable material. From the available designs, choose one or come up with a suitable one from your collection and we will design and install it. Plus, we aim to preserve and provide designs that aim to educate and protect the environment for environmentally conscious individuals. 

Let us do the maintenance and preserve your gate appearance by preventing the warping of wood cracking. Wood is heavy and will require more force opening and closing, but adds that rustic but homely feel to your property. Apart from these few downsides, wooden gates are difficult to resist!

Chain Link Gates 

These utilize either iron, steel, or aluminum as the base materials. Essentially, this means that the design is in the form of cage-like material designed into a gate to safeguard your backyard, divide the land or smaller gateway to a specific area or section of land. They often make the best sliding, swing, barrier, and pre-hung Dallas gates. 

For this selection, color coats can include silver, which is galvanized aluminum, coat it black, blue, brown, yellow, or green according to preference. Get the chain-link designs to fit your commercial, industrial or residential areas. 

Choose between a single and a double gate with varying widths. Let us install a smaller pedestrian gate to the side to match the main gate. Go for the rolling slide gate design or make a selection from the varying shapes and sizes of a barrier gate. Looking for a secure means of moving from your home compound, add a pre-hung chain-link gate into the existing fence line with ease. 

Specialized/Custom Automatic Gate

Specialized designs are becoming more and more popular. Clients want something they design to be on their driveways, including the gates. Bottom line, we aim to please, and designing your custom-built design from scratch is our specialty. Let driveway gate installation in Dallas service providers do the hard work for you!

Bring the design, pick the materials ranging from wood, iron, aluminum, steel, or even glass—Mix iron and wood for a sturdy, long-lasting, and a combination of traditional and modern appearance. Choose traditional designs from the renaissance era or modern contemporary design. No matter what you come up with, we will match with our skilled personnel. 

Types of Gate Operators

Electric Gate Operator

These are the most versatile and most used automatic gates on the market. They can be made of any material, including wood or metal. Many driveway gate installation in Dallas services advise adding a running track for sliding or rolling using hinges to control the movement. These are mostly for residential properties.

Some of the electrical openers include an articulate design that suits homeowners as they are easy to operate from home. Sliding the gate, whether on a vertical line or not, may require the use of electricity. Finally, an underground electrical gate uses a picot to move the gate.

The downside to owning an electrical driveway gate is they are prone to power outages. If the power is out, access to your home, office, or property is impossible with this installed gate. You may need to leave your vehicle’s comfort to manually open the gate to get in even late into the night.

Solar Gate Operator 

These are the same as electric gates but are solar-powered. The designs are similar to those above and can be custom-designed to fit your needs. Driveway gate installation in Dallas provides this service for our environmentally conscious individuals or clients. 

Solar installations are not prone to outages securing your entry no matter the time of day or night. They follow an easy installation mode that does not require restructuring a wiring system to power the system. Besides, you also save on electrical bills and other costs. Solar driveway gates are a favorite for eco-friendly activists and personalities. 

The only catch is the number of panels you may need to power the gate design you select. It is dependent on how many times the gate will be in use if you may need more than two high-powered solar panels to meet your daily needs in high traffic sections. 

For efficiency in capturing the most out of the sun, install panels in an area that receives most sunlight. Ensure that the brackets holding the panels are high quality, strong and durable, or requiring little to no maintenance. 

driveway gates in dallas tx

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Driveway Gates Dallas TX provides high quality gate installation services & gate repair services available to clients in the DFW area. We specialize in designs that are inspiring, both modern and traditional, and custom-made to suit customers’ preferences. The company has professionals with adequate knowledge and experience installing automatic gate all over the the DFW metroplex.

We take pride in the quality of installation and gate repair we provide. Besides having qualified personnel, our team works closely with the clients to design and develop a working model or proposal for your space or property. We consider factors like traffic coming in and out of the property, electricity costs, and size of the gate, the scope of work, and more.

So, whether you’re interested in a brand new design or gate repair to an existing structure, reach out today for a quick, easy quote.

From Quote to Installation of Your Driveway Gate | Our Process

Once a client in Dallas requests an automatic gate quote, we make it our mission to provide a prompt response. Our team of experts scopes the work, contacts the client to develop a design and provide a quote for Dallas, TX.

We look at the available landscape, home design, and other property characteristics to determine what gate design is a perfect fit. Some of the factors that require clarifications include gate design, such as will it be a single rolling design, dual swing-gate, a small-pedestrian or both?

Material discussions come next with iron, wood, and steel topping the list. However, one has to be careful when selecting a future need to expand your fence, remodel, or enclosing your space. Pick a gate that matches your available space and will not cost more than indicated on the quote for Dallas, TX.

After making and confirming all decisions made with the client, we begin taking the property measurements. Next, we sit and come up with a working project proposal and a possible quote for the work. We forward this to the client for review. Once satisfied, we proceed with design and later installation.

We’re proud to serve the Dallas, Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex.  Just know this – we deliver within the indicated timeline, deliver quality results, and provide efficient gate installation services.


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